Choosing a Domain Name

How to choose a successful domain name for your website

28 April `20


choosing a successful domain name is not easy.

firstly, you need to make sure you're domain name is memorabe.

then you need to find out if it's available and affordable.

below are steps to creating a successful name.

know your audience

before you create a domain name you need to understand your users


where are your users based?

if they are in a specific area, you can include the area in the name.

alternatively, you can choose a tld for the area.

who are they

what words describe your users?

make a note of these. can you include any in the name?

be memorable

keep it short

the shorter the name, the more memorable it is.

fact: a domain name should not be longer than 10 letters long.

the problem with short domain names is they�re usually very expensive or unavailable.

however, if you combine a couple of short words you are likely to get a bargain.

fact: two 4 letter words are easier to remember than a single 8 letter word.

use the correct spelling

you should always spell the words in your name correctly.

if the correct spelling is unavailable, then move on to the next name.

do not be tempted to replace an 's' with a 'z'. this looks amateur

easy to say

your name should be easy to say out loud.

fact: domain names are often passed by word-of-mouth.

make it meaningful

your name should summarize what you do.

note down all the keywords for your website content.

it's a great idea to include a keyword in your name.

add some emotion

use emotion to make your name stick.

fact: if you can make your audience laugh or smile then you have a great name.

try it out

tell someone

say your name idea to a friend or family member.

how did they react?

you'll know if it's a good name from their reaction.

if it's not good ditch it and move on to the next name candidate.

do not feel attached to a bad name

check availability

domain availability

at an early stage you should check if the name is available.

if it's unavailable, you might consider another tld.

social media availability

if you plan to use social media to drive traffic to your site, you should check social media availability too.

it's better to have a consistent name on all your marketing channels.

other availability

will you require the business name?

you might also need to check trademarks and patents